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bulb onion

bulb onion
Onions - a perennial plant of the lily family. The taste onion is divided into acute (bitter) and sweet. By sharp onion varieties include: flat Rostov, Rostov kubasty, bessonovsky, Arzamas, myachkovoky and others. Onion varieties of cultivated in the middle zone of the USSR. By the sweet onion varieties are: gribovoky 702 annual Siberian hivsky 79, which are cultivated in southern areas. Semi-sweet variety cultivated in the cab of Ukraine and the North The Caucasus. Sharp taste and smell of onions determined by the presence in it of essential oils. The composition Onion also contains the following substances (in%): 3,7-4,6 nitrogen, 0.05 - 0.14 acids in terms of malic acid, 2,9-H, 5 sugars. In addition, it contains volatile - a substance produced by the plant cells and have bactericidal properties (inhibit vital functions of bacteria). Paint the bulbs depends on the type and sometimes with different shades of yellow, white and sinefioletovoy. Onion varieties of acute preserved better than sweet, since the latter contain more water and less volatile oils. Onion collected after the bulb is well formed and covered with a - two shirts (with body scales) and tops (green pen) strongly wither. Edible part of onions are extended base of leaves, in are concentrated nutrients. Taken out of the ground dried onions in the air and then sorted. Distinguish two commercial varieties - the first and second. The first class includes well- ripe onions. Transported in bags or onion bound in a wreath on the weight 2-4 kg. Weight of one bulb 25-400, the stored onions in vegetable stores in racks or suspended (in crowns) at a temperature of 10 °. For long-term Storage onions prepares by drying. In this method blanks, he loses of essential oils and vitamins. Onions are widely used in the manufacture of cooking meat, fish and vegetable dishes. Onion sweet varieties used in fresh and bitter- after heat treatment. To improve the taste, it is recommended in most of the first and second courses, after laying the bow passerovaniya, as essential oils of onion soluble in fat and do not evaporate at subsequent heat treatment. In the clear broth is introduced onions, podpechenny on the stove. Dried onion preliminary heat treatment is not is exposed. Onion is cut differently: to prepare cold meals to fine grind shred or cut into rings and semirings; passerovaniya to shred or chopping, frying in fat (fried) cut rings for podpekaniya - lobules. Browned onion is introduced into the food during the manufacturing process or 10 minutes, until tender. In cold dishes onion introduced before holiday them. Norma bookmark fresh onions from 8 to 25 grams (according to the Collection of layouts), dried - from 1.5 to 5 g. Waste during the initial processing up to 16%.
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