Condiments and seasonings

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Condiments and seasonings
Food is one of the important environmental factors affecting on the human body. From nutrition to a large extent on not only health, but it works. In the process of life the human body uses substances make up its fabric, expends energy to maintain a constant body temperature, the internal organs, physical and mental the work. Food is a source of replenishment of these costs. However, the normal functioning of the human body affects not only the quantity but the quality of food. Food should be primarily tasty. The people are very diverse tastes. Some like spicy food, others - acid, and others - sweet. Despite the difference in taste, the general requirement for all is the presence xinfood flavoring agents in various quantities. Delicious food with flavor oriyatnym eaten with gusto. The great Russian physiologist Ivan Petrovich Pavlov, who has spent a lot of work processes of digestion, appetite attached great importance, since the food with gusto from the start of food provided copious gastric juice, which promotes better digestion. Catering should strive to produce delicious, beautifully presented dishes. To meet the needs of the population in healthy, delicious food, the cooks in the preparation of food products should be widely used spices and seasonings. spices, or spices, - a variety of substances of plant origin, which themselves are mostly nutrient no, but added to foods in small quantities to make it distinctive flavor and aroma. As a spice used different parts of plants, for example: fruits (bell pepper), flower buds (cloves), leaves (Bay leaves), roots (parsley), roots (ginger), bulbs (garlic) and others. Usually have a strong spice flavor or burning, sharp, and sometimes bitter taste. seasoning call them food or a mixture of products, which added to dishes to give them the appropriate flavor. These Products include salt (added to almost all culinary products) caxap, vinegar. Seasoning and serve a variety of sauces (mayonnaise, tkemali, nasharabi, Southern, and others) and a mixture of oil (oil with mustard, green, anchovy, cancer). Oil mixture not only improve the taste of a dish, but also increase its calorific value, as the basis for oil mixtures is butter. Some spices and seasonings, in addition to improve the taste, vitaminizing dishes for example: dill, parsley, tomatoes, and others. Vegetables such as onions, garlic, have strong antibacterial properties, ie, inhibit vital functions of bacteria. Therefore, in this brochure and the characteristic of Describes how to use not only spice plants, but also some other products that improve the taste of food.
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