The equipment for cleaning sunflower seeds, sesame, peanuts, manufacturing of confectionery products and halva


We do not sell metal, we transfer our knowledge!
Here you can order drawings and dixagrams, not only for the equipment in general, but also into its component parts (units)!
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Sculpture 1 "LONGOLER" Nicholas Rusin 2012.
try their hand at a new genre. Recently on TV were talking about the classic Henry Moore. Compared his work with the statues of the ancient Maya. So my job is no worse than the Maya. You can attach the trunk and put them in the Louvre (just kidding). GRUSTNY SFINKS GRUSTNY SFINKS

Sculpture 2 "SAD SPHINX" Nicholas Rusin 2012.
Sphinx originally was not supposed to be sad, but my wife felt sorry for him: "Poor, his kidney infection and problems with the spine. " And he has a tail that is not visible in the photo.


Sculpture 3 "Here's my hand," Nicholas Rusin 2013.
Recently made a plaster cast of his right hand (see photo) and planted it on the TV. While the cast handles all fingers snapping off. Then had to glue them in place. And when his fingers were broken off his hands, I felt (you would not believe) almost real pain in their home this hand. And moaned so that all members of the household came running.

MEXICAN Tushkan Sculpture 4 "MEXICAN Tushkan" Nikolai Rusin 2015.
Precious fur Tushkan formed needles from disposable syringes, previously flew into my own ass. Artwork Nave vile feelings author and the charm of African ritual masks.