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Production of starch

COMPANY BUSINESS PLAN a production plant starch from corn To view : Company Address Phone: Fax: General Director : Tashkent 2004 Contents: 1: General provisions 2.Produktsiya 3.Plan Marketing 4.Stoimost project. The structure of investment capital 5.Proizvodstvenny plan 6.Finansovy plan 2.1.Obschie position The firm - the applicant and submitted its draft This business plan is firma Primary Address: Tashkent , Phone : Fax : The presented project envisages the creation of the starch production of maize output of 10 tons / day from the original raw materials, in conjunction with the kukuruzoseyuschemu region of Uzbekistan. Factors contributing to the implementation of the Project Currently, the production of starch in Uzbekistan is extremely under-enough. Preparation of starch from local raw materials for the Project on the equipment manufactured in large volume in Uzbekistan, which makes this project highly profitable and solves the problem of import and export demand. The proposed manufacturing technology and the equipment-based Vans on the basis of the classical schemes and will, if necessary, with respect to relatively minor changes to switch to another type of raw material - Fig. Market research shows that demand for the products offered is consistently high, both inside and outside Uzbekistan. 2.2.Produktsiya The advantages of production and its use. Starch is supposed to use the xtextile industry and the public. By bringing the production to resource base, the cost of the starch decreases. Starch, because of its failure in the market of Uzbekistan, will be use the unconditional demand. The relevance of this project is to: - Availability of local raw material base; - Relatively low labor input; - Creating new jobs; - The release and export-importozamenyayuschey products. Product development. It is planned to be created on the basis of production-Assorted expand ment of products, including master production of high-quality Nogo starch for use in the electronics industry. Expansion of production will be based on the accumulation of financial resources or to attract new investment. 2.3.Plan marketing Market potential. Annual demand for starch only in the xtextile indus- Tee is 8000 tons. This project provides for the production in 1500 tons of starch per year. A significant factor in meeting the demand for the products will be high quality at low cost, which will provide local raw material, lower transport costs and relatively low wages fee. The estimated sale xprice - 500 soums / kg. Competition and other impacts. Currently, the competitive environment is small and low-sebes Cost of production, lower transport costs and lack of customs fees and other taxes make it a privileged position in the case of delivery of import and export. Marketing strategy. Products will be sold the xtextile indus- laziness in the public sector and the private, public, that will undoubtedly contribute to increased profits. In the future, is expected to increase such facilities. 2.4.Stoimost Project. The structure of investment capital. Total project cost - 850 million soums. Source of investment : 2.5.Proizvodstvenny plan. The overall strategy plan for a given production-predusmat regarded: - The technical preparation of production, including: the development of Feasibility studies, engineering and design documentation for a given productivity sequence, alignment with the manufacturers, the implementation of the project works; - Manufacture and purchase of manufacturing equipment; - Partial reconstruction of production facilities; - Installation and commissioning; - Recruitment and training of future production. Partners allied-equipment manufacturers. Headache The participants - companies from Russia and Uzbekistan, with experience with stainless steel, polymeric materials, as well as having Gosgortechnadzor license for the manufacture of boiler inspection objects. Technical characteristics of production: - Performance of feedstock, t/sutki............................10.0 - Output starch /........................................5 - Consumption of steam, /.................................200 - Water flow, ./......................................100 - Energy consumption, kVt/chas.................................300 - Production area, sq.m. to ...................................1,000 - The number of attendants, people ........................... 14 Project implementation: - The technological preparation of production - 2 months; - Manufacture of equipment and civil works, procurement of equipment, spare parts - 6 months; - Installation - 3 months; - Commissioning and testing of the process - 1 month; - Staff training, the beginning of production - 13th month mo- ment began funding the work. Raw materials. The main raw material is corn that comes from farms, the computer - leksnyh and farmer households. Given the yield of maize (30 quintals. Hectare) required amount of raw material - 3,000 tons per year can put a farm. Transition is assumed in Fig. Production components (soda acid), given their small amounxtexpected to buy through a retail network specialized Bathrooms stores, databases, etc. Environmental protection. Special security measures not required because side pro- ucts manufacturing (protein, fiber, fat impurities) is assumed disposed of and used xinfodder production. Wastewater - neutral. Proper ventilation and drainage of washing water will be provided- HN Project. Equipment and technology. Process flow dixagram of the production process are given in the In- Proposition 1. The apparatus scheme is given in Appendix 2. Explication of basic technological equipment, is given in Appendix 3. xprice for complete set of equipment designed by the Russian starch and syrup Institute based on data from manufacturers based on the market value of materials and components and other products. The organizational structure of production. The average salary as of January 2004 is 40 000 sum. 2.6.Finansovy plan. _Grafik Funding for the project: 1-Month ................ 20 mln (Technical Training, development of CD and TD) 2nd month ............... 100 mln (Purchase of components tanks) Third month ............... 500 mln (Manufacturing-equipment - Advance) 6th month ............... 150 mln (Manufacturing-equipment - Calculation) 7th month ................ 40 mln (Installation and commissioning works - advance) 8th ... 9th month ......... 40 mln (Installation and commissioning work - calculation; Full payment for the project) ------------------- Total: 850 mln 13th month ........ 29 mln (liberation of working capital for the procurement of raw materials) Calculate the cost of production. Production costs are given in Annex 4. Yield of starch from 1 ton of raw materials - 0.5 m. Cost of 1 ton of starch is: 303 500 ------------- = 202.3 sum / kg 1500t Working capital. Based on the cycle of finished products and the return current of not more than 4 weeks required for current production funds (including the purchase of raw materials, chemicals, materials, fees for electricity energy, steam, water) is about 29 000 thousand sum. Economic Indicators Project. The net profit for the selling xprice of 500 soums per 1 kg of starch Given that the number of working days per year is 300 (2 months- CA - preventive maintenance), is given in Appendix 5. Final estimates of cash flows for the Project for the 1st, 2nd and after- subsequent years are given in Annex 6. Total net income is: * Since the start of project financing. Return on investment. Return on investment of the Project on the basis of previous calculations is: 850-260 +102 * 6 1 + 1 + ------------- = 5.96 years, ie within 6 years. 303.5 Year 1 - Creation of the plant. Year 2 - Return of working capital + profit of $ 260 mln Third year and next - the estimated profit - 303.5 million soums.